About Us

Welcome to Monkey Bike World …. I will take you on my journey in to the world of Monkey Bikes, It all started when I was a child and one of my friends had a Z50R, every now and then he would let me have a ride on it .. well back in the 80s and in my early teens I couldn’t afford my own and coming from a family with four siblings money was tight.

I came across Monkey’s again in 2002 when I was introduced to the Z50J which my friend Steve and one of his son's Karl, both had road registered Monkey’s. I soon caught the bug and bought myself a Jincheng Chinese copy of the Z50. All in all, it wasn’t a bad bike for being a budget built bike and later became one of the better of the Chinese built monkeys. But what I did find with the bike was that parts easily broke and fell off due to the poor workmanship, so over time I swapped parts out for Japanese parts which were of higher quality and more reliable. Back then the only place you could buy parts was from one company in the UK.  Parts were very expensive so you had your pants down every time you rang or ordered a part from their web site.

As time went on and the internet exploded with sale sites like eBay and contacts I made through other Monkey bikers I started buying parts direct from Japan. By this time the only thing left of my Jincheng was the frame and wiring loom everything else had been swapped to either Takegawa, Kitaco, or G-Craft.

I soon found out that if you bought cheap, you bought it 2 or 3 times and had this with early Chinese engines.  A few made 1000 mile before they were ready for the bin due to lack of spare parts.

I decided that I was going to invest in a Honda, nice engine as they were near on bullet proof and contacted a company in the UK who were importing parts from a Monkey tuning company in Germany, however at the time they could not do me an engine.  I was told they would supply parts for the engine if I got someone they trusted to build it as their reputation was on the line. I had met a guy on the monkey bike runs, Richard who was well known on the scene for having some of the fastest and well-tuned Monkey Bikes.  I made a phone call to him and asked if I could get the parts would he build me a Honda nice 160. He jumped at the chance as he had just built himself one with parts from the same company. I order the parts and a few weeks later everything was in motion for the engine build.

Richard and myself became the best of friends over the years calling ourselves H.A.R (HARD.ARSE.RACING) riding highly tuned Monkey Bikes, there were a few groups that had race team names as a bit of fun.

We both moved to Takegawa engines with 5 speed gear boxes, and boy those engines were fast for a 124cc. Richard moved to America in around 2008 but by this time he had taught me the ins and outs of these small bikes and how to get the most from the engines. Over the years I have built quite a few high end Monkey Bikes with my passion for these small motorcycles growing to the point I had a dream of taking my hobby to the next step of supplying top quality parts at affordable prices.

I emigrated to Australia in 2020 and my fantastic partner encouraged me to open this online store offering others affordable quality parts & accessories.

I had started a Facebook group called Monkey Bike World in 2014, which has since grown to over 4k passionate members, which is a place where members could ask questions, sell & swap Monkey parts  and discuss all things Monkey Bike related.  During the years I personally owned over 15 Monkey’s with manufacture dates between 1971 & 2020.

During my time in Australia a great friend Ron and I have started another Facebook group called Custom Monkey's Down Under.  This is a site where anyone with a passion for small bore engines can ask for advice, swap stories or simply show off their bikes.

I’ve spent the last couple of months contacting part manufactures, which has allowed me to begin stocking a good quality range of parts and tools.  The product  range will grow over time to cover all Monkey’s from the Z50's to the new Z125 and now expanding into CT125, Grom/MSX

Happy Riding