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Our name is Monkey Bike World, however we have now expanded into CT125, Super cub, Grom/msx, subscribe to stay up to date when new products are added as we continually expand our product range to eventually cover all small bore motorcycles. If you love to customise your bike, need advice from other friendly enthusiasts or simply want to show yours off, come join our new sister facebook site, custom small bore down under (click on the FB link to the left).

About Us

Welcome to Monkey Bike World …. I will take you on my journey in to the world of Monkey Bikes, It all started when I was a child and one of my friends had a Z50R, every now and then he would let me have a ride on it .. well back in the 80s and in my early teens I couldn’t afford my own and coming from a family with four siblings money was tight.

I came across Monkey’s again in 2002 when I was introduced to the Z50J which my friend Steve and one of his son's Karl, both had road registered Monkey’s. I soon caught the bug and bought myself a Jincheng Chinese copy of the Z50. All in all, it wasn’t a bad bike for being a budget built bike and later became one of the better of the Chinese built monkeys. But what I did find with the bike was that parts easily broke and fell off due to the poor workmanship, so over time I swapped parts out for Japanese parts which were of higher quality and more reliable. Back then the only place you could buy parts was from one company in the UK.  Parts were very expensive so you had your pants down every time you rang or ordered a part from their web site..........

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