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We are a team of Small Bore Fanatics who love our bikes and we love helping others to get the most out of their own bikes. With over 40 years collective experience, there is not much we don't know about Small Bore Motorcycles.

We have worked hard to bring some of the biggest brands for Small Bore Motorcycles downunder. With more brands still to come as our product range grows.

Check out our Custom Small Bore FB Page which was created purely for small bore motorcycle enthusiasts, from Monkeys, Grom, CT Postie Bikes to Gag Bikes. All welcome to share your custom bikes and chat with fellow owners

OPMID - limited supply

After a considerable amount of time and testing OPMID have finally been able to release a Multimeter for the Monkey125 (JB03) and CT125 (JA65).

We have managed to secure a limited supply of these fabulous Multimeters which are now in production with Opmid, however they will not be available to most suppliers until July 24. If we run out of our current stock, we also will have to wait until July 24.

The multimeters for the Monkey 125 (JB02) & CT125 (JA55) are back in stock, which can be found HERE

If you have one of the original Multimeters, you will now be able to retro fit them onto the current model by using the Drain Bolt Temperature Sensor Kit, which can be found HERE

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