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Takegawa - Sports Muffler

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SKU: 400010105

 The sports specification up muffler that does not break the normal style and allows the normal heat protector and muffler end to be installed.

This unique silencer structure and exhaust pipe enable high exhaust efficiency that is completely different from normal, and improve output performance.

Different sound quality, which enhances the custom image of the vehicle.

Both the exhaust pipe and silencer are made of steel and have a heat-resistant black paint finish.  With a two-piece structure that takes vibration into consideration, the joint part uses a gasket as in the normal case to reduce exhaust leakage and vibration noise. The rubber mount silencer stay part is just like the normal one.

  • Monkey 125 (JB02 & JB03)
Proximity exhaust noise: 86 dB (A)

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Customer Reviews

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Colin Berrigan

It was relatively easy to fit although a couple of things didn't line up as well as the original