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OPMID Drain Bolt Temperature Sensor Kit

SKU: 300010113

If you wish to reuse your existing Multimeter (SKU 300010104) which is only suitable for earlier models, you must purchase this Drain Bolt Temperature Sensor Kit, as the old sensor will not be compatible due to one of the functions of this product, "a thermometer that reads the genuine temperature sensor".

However, the older Multimeter (SKU 300010104) meter has a separate circuit for using an aftermarket temperature sensor, and the thermometer function can be used by combining it with this optional drain bolt temperature sensor,

Please refer to the settings 

A brass drain bolt type temperature sensor with excellent thermal conductivity measures the oil temperature in the crankcase. Thread diameter 12mm, pitch 1.5mm, with wire lock hole. OP multimeter dedicated sub-harness and drain washer included. It can also be used as an outside temperature sensor by installing it in a suitable location (such as under the headlights)


  • Monkey 125 (JB03)
  • CT125 (JA65)
  • DAX125 (JB04)

Fixing the meter body

  • Can be installed with no modification or bolt-on.


  • The main connector on the back of the meter can be connected as is.
  • Branch cords for temperature sensors cannot be used.
    * Leave the coupler of the vehicle harness connected to the genuine temperature sensor (= remain in the normal state).
  • The included sub-harness is designed with the length and connection position for MONKEY 125 and CT125, so it is suitable for new models.
    DAX125 does not have a lot of space to store the wiring, so you will have to hide the excess wiring under the frame.

Thermometer function

  • If you do not use the oil temperature gauge, you can switch the bottom right of the screen to display a voltmeter.
    (I don't think it matters visually)
  • If an oil temperature gauge is required, it can be displayed by combining it with this Drain Bolt Temperature Sensor Kit. 

    Please note that even if you replace the coupler of the temperature sensor branch cord or modify the wiring and connect it to the genuine temperature sensor, an ECU error will occur. As a symptom of this, the idle up function will not work the next time you start the engine. If the mileage is short, the engine warning light will not illuminate and an error symptom will appear.

Various setting values

You will need to change the settings related to speed and gear position.

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