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OPMID Multimeter (Monkey 125 & CT125) 2018-2021 4 speed

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Upgrade from genuine product level quality.

9-segment numbers are used for the speedometer to improve visibility compared to the genuine 7-segment.
The LED indicator at the bottom has a shift indicator and a speed / oil temperature warning light.


The large numbers and thick bars allow you to instantly see changes in the number of revolutions. The display range can be selected from two types, [~ 10000 rpm], which is just right for normal motorcycles, and [~ 13000 rpm] for modified motorcycles.

Gear position

Added a gear position at the top center.  The reflection speed has been increased to about 0.1 seconds while using a calculation formula that is calculated from the speed / ignition signal ratio.  With the Monkey 125, you can enable an auxiliary function to prevent false display of gears during coasting with the clutch disengaged.

Clock / thermometer etc.

Equipped with an ABC 3-row display frame on the right side of the display. Equipped with an odd trip oil change rangefinder in row A, a clock / running time / hour meter in row B, and an engine thermometer / voltmeter in row C. You can easily switch between each display with the button ABC on the left.

Pon attachment design

The genuine main coupler and meter stay can be attached as they are. The sub code for inputting additional functions is also a coupler-on specification.

Reliable genuine sensor reading type

A genuine oil temperature sensor reading type that does not use a retrofit temperature sensor (drain bolt, etc.) that is often found in external products and has a risk of poor maintainability and disconnection. 

High contrast black LCD

The inverted black LCD, which tends to be difficult to see, is also improved in visibility with an LCD with a high contrast ratio and a high-brightness backlight (adjustable brightness).

Large display

The display area has been doubled compared to the genuine product while maintaining the same size (Φ98mm) as the genuine product.
We are increasing the amount of information without reducing the size of the numbers.
This product: Approximately 41.5cm 2
Genuine product: Approximately 21.0cm 2

Compact design

The thickness of the fuselage has been reduced by driving in the cavities of each part.
This product: Approximately 52mm
Genuine product: Approximately 72mm
(excluding wiring outlet)


As a result of increasing the number of internal parts and ensuring sufficient rigidity, the weight is slightly heavier than the genuine product.
This product: Approximately 230g
Genuine product: Approximately 220g

Side view

It is about 20mm thinner than the genuine product, and the appearance from the side is also customized.

The body uses ASA resin, which has the same high weather resistance as the genuine product.

Compatible with and without ABS.


  • Monkey 125 (JB02)
  • CT125

If you are buying this for a CT125 you will need a bracket if you wish for it to sit in the centre Click Here for more details

Installation Video

* 1) Please note the following for motorcycles with ABS. Since the correction function for changing the sprocket is a correction inside the meter, it is not a countermeasure function for errors that are issued from the ABS device side depending on the number of replacements. If you replace the sprocket on a motorcycle with ABS, you will need a retrofit device ( doctor speed, etc.) to correct the signal at the speed sensor 

* 2) Displays the measured value of the genuine temperature sensor. The displayed value is the same as the output value to the OBD2 tool.
A genuine temperature sensor is attached to the passage where the oil that has become hot in the cylinder head returns to the crankcase. Since it is measured at the hottest point, it always means a value higher than the average temperature of the whole oil and the drain bolt temperature at the bottom.
In addition, since the discharge amount of the oil pump increases or decreases according to the engine speed, it refers to a value close to the temperature of the hot oil during running when the circulation amount increases, but the running wind does not hit and the oil circulates. When the vehicle is stopped (during idling), the amount of heat generated> the cooling power, and the value of the genuine temperature sensor near the combustion part starts to rise immediately.
In addition, CT125 has an average engine temperature of about 15 ° C higher than Monkey 125 due to the fact that the total amount of oil is about 20% less and the frictional heat of the centrifugal clutch.
Reference value) Temperature around 20 ℃ ・ Normal engine
Monkey 125:
110-115 ℃ while driving, 120-125 ℃ while stopped CT125: 125-130 ℃ while driving, 135-140 ℃ while stopped
“Stopped” for several minutes It is the value of waiting for the signal of, and it rises as it stops for a long time.
As an option other than using a genuine temperature sensor, the multimeter is equipped with a reading circuit that can also be used with a retrofit temperature sensor. A drain bolt type temperature sensor common to Monkey 125 and CT125 will be released around the spring of 2021.

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Warranty of the products are given by the original manufacturer.  Warranty is void if the product is modified in any particular way and used in a process that is not for its intended purpose.  All items are inspected prior to dispatch and are deemed to be fit for purpose.

We are unable to offer warranty on any engine parts or kits due to the uncontrollable stresses that can be placed on these parts of which we have no control over.  It is recommended to follow the manufactures guidelines who have already pushed and tested their products fully.


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Great item and service.

Anthony frew
Monkey bike dash

great product great value great design and works well and easy to fit great people to deal with

Great product and worth the price!

I bought this for the gear selector, tachometer, oil temp, voltage meter and other features plus a much clearer display for my CT125. Delivery by Australia Post and arrived in 3 business days. It took me about 4 hours to install but the next one would probably be a lot less and there was a couple of good u-tubes to watch for the process. Getting the plastics off and on the CT125 took most of the install time. Overall a good experience. Cheers Keith