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Takegawa - Adjustable Side Stand

SKU: 200011701

Adjustable side stand for normal step that supports a wide range of custom vehicles such as low profile tires and low down vehicles.

This product can be fine-tuned by rotating the stand bolt, and you can set your favorite side stand length according to your own custom vehicle.

Since the normal side stand switch can be attached, the function to prevent forgetting to return the side stand can be used as it is.

Can be installed even when the stand switch is not used.

Aluminum material is machined for the stand body and fixing nuts, and stainless steel is used for spring hooks, pivot bolts, and stand bolts.  The aluminum material is treated with silver alumite, which has excellent corrosion resistance, and the stand body has a laser marking logo.

The kit also comes with two types of tube covers, yellow and black. Attaching the tube cover prevents the stat bolt from getting dirty with mud and dust.

  • Monkey 125 (JB02 & JB03)
  • MSX Grom (MLHJC92)
  • MSX125
  • MSX125SF
  • Grom (JC61, JC75 JC92)
  • CT125 (JA55, JA65)